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July 9, 2018

Your Support Changes the Lives of Our Neighbors:  The Turner Family

NeedLink Nashville met Ms. Turner, a single mother of four young children on a Monday in April 2018.  She described the difficulty she was having to pay her utility bill for the month, as she had taken significant time off from work to be with her 3-year old son as he battled cancer.  On Tuesday, Ms. Turner got the news no parent should ever hear-her 3-year old son had lost his battle.  Ms. Turner and her family were devasted.  On Wednesday, her past-due bill caused a shut-off of her electricity.  To alleviate the crisis, NeedLink Nashville, in collaboration with a local Church, contacted the electric company, paid the bill and restored power to her home the same day.  Alleviating the crisis allowed Ms. Turner and her family to grieve in peace.

The "need" to help our Nashville neighbors continues as NeedLink Nashville sees more clients than we can support every day.