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August 14, 2018

NeedLink Nashville Keeps Our Neighbors Safe

The concept of safety is interesting in that we tend to be oblivious to it when we exist inside of its comfort. Whether it’s within the embrace of a loved one or perhaps walking through a secure neighborhood alone in the evening, we take solace in knowing that we are not in harm’s way. Often, when food, shelter, and basic utilities are readily available, it can be easily missed how vulnerable we are without them.

So many in our Nashville communities currently find themselves in want of those things that create a safe home for their families due to financial hardship. On these remarkable hot and humid summer days, our neighbors are waking to their electricity or water having been shut off because of difficulty paying bills that are past due. Some are even being evicted from their homes in the sweltering, late summer heat and left on the streets. For these individuals and families (quite often the elderly and single parent households with multiple children), safety looks like a very expensive commodity that we often take for granted.

Here at NeedLink Nashville, it is our express goal to elevate our city to the point where no one is in want of safety. If you are an individual or family who dwells comfortably without the fear many of our neighbors experience daily, we’d like to invite you to join us in this endeavor. Please consider contributing a financial gift to help a fellow Nashvillian turn back on a necessary utility and regain safety and a sense of peace that has been lost.